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日本とアメリカのビジネス Benriya is a Japanese word meaning a handyman or utility man, for a person who's doing an odd job or errant for hire. Those jobs don't usually require any permit or license or high level skills. Just think about a movie extra or babysitter job. They can be hired by an individual or company and no job is too big or too small for the Benriya. An unconventional job might be the one that a restaurant owner hires to stand in line outside of the premises for an advertisement or reputation boost purpose. That is in a real story in Japan. Benriya could get hired as a date substitute for a sexual orientation cover up or as a substitute for a prom night date for popularity boost among peers in school. Those ideas are not mine, but from the movies I'd watched now and then. One of the movies was "Can't Buy Me Love" (1987). I'd watched too many teen movies, I guess. What is Benriya in Japan? I hope you get the picture by now.

The List of a Very Few Out of Our Many Services:

For Big Trip: Our staff can go anywhere if our reward is right and big. For example, our staff go with you and your family as your driver for your rented car or as a companion or an assistant for your big endeavor like a cross county trip of USA/Canada from west coast to east.

Planning the optimal road trip across the U.S.?

Look at the optimal road trip across the U.S.

Helping you to find for popular merchandize among Americans but not yet to be known among majority of Japanese. American teens are well known to be a very much trend maker.

As Pararel Import, helping you to buy merchandize for import and export

Helping you to find a suitable apartment for your stay in USA for study or business

Assisting finding a missing person in US.

Assisting you translate your instruction, brochure for your products into English or Japanese.

Picking up or dropping off someone at an airport or station or hotel around Los Angeles.

Inquiry is welcome.

Our service merit: Cost saving, flexible; it would be more reliable and customized service we can provide.




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